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The truth is, it's not just what you do on Social Media that counts

what's even more important is what you do in the REAL WORLD!

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not only are you going to learn the latest and most advanced

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You're going to literally be in the trenches with me!


You'll learn: 

- How to effectively market yourself on Social Media

 - Grow your Instagram 
- How to network and build relationships 
- How to attract clients for whatever services and products you offer 
- Haircutting techniques 
- Customer Service techniques 
- The business side of things 
And so much more!

I will be doing lives, and webinars connecting you with some of the most influential, and best educators in our industry, to help give you the tools, and teach you the information you need to learn in order to really take your career to the next level!

Information changes situations!

And by investing the money you make off just ONE edge up a month, you'll get access to insights, strategies, and information that will yield you thousands and thousands of dollars over the course of your lifetime!

I will be posting daily content to my story, doing instagram lives, 1 on 1 video calls, webinars, zoom meetings, video tutorials on everything barbering and business related, and so much more!

I've spent thousands upon thousands of dollars, and invested so many hours of my time into learning the information I'm going to share with you over the course of this journey! And believe me, I'm going to spend alot more!

Are you ready to learn from people that are really doing the things you want to be doing?

Then what are you waiting for?


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