Who Is The Organizer?

BARRRBERS Fest 2019 is brought to you by It's Marvy Marv, LLC.

What is BARRRBERS Fest?

BARRRBERS Fest is an culturally unifying convention and festival, that will help bring the world of barbering together for one day, for the Largest FREE ADMISSION Barbering Event in the United States! BARRRBERS Fest is a revolutionary event, that will help transcend barber exhibitions nationwide, while helping unite barber culture, through innovation, creativity and education! It is a place where BARRRBERS, entrepreneurs, visionaries and more, connect to celebrate and help transcend barber culture! This year, BARRRBERS Fest will focus on enlightening and empowering every single individual in attendance, leaving them in a better position than they were in before they arrived, while also having the type of conversations that help shift the culture forward!